About the Blockchain Government Forum

This forum is about understanding the true potential of blockchain technology and its ability to interact with the government at all levels.

Why Attend

Whether you are just learning about blockchain technology, are currently immersed in it, or somewhere in between, the Blockchain Government Forum is right for you. This forum provides attendees with a look at how innovative ideas are developed and executed. It also provides detailed information regarding what blockchain technology is, its evolution and its potential to change the future. Along with top level keynote speeches, excellent content, and the ability to join in panel discussions with worldwide industry leaders, the forum is on the list of “must attend” for people who are interested in blockchain technology and are interested in what sectors are ready to be disrupted by this new technology.

Conference Start
June 12 & 13, 2017

20 Speakers
160 Tickets

A must attend blockchain technology event for anyone in the financial services, public services, or technology industry.

Why Ottawa?

Ottawa is one of Canada’s leading innovation centres and it is also the nation's capital. There is no better place to hold a forum and discussion on the intersection of Blockchain and Government. We expect strong representation from government agencies, regulatory bodies, and government service providers keen on better understanding what Blockchain technology is and how it will shape Canada moving forward.

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Our Speakers

Full list coming soon

Kyle Kemper - Blockchain Forum
Kyle Kemper
Executive Director at Blockchain Association of Canada
Amber Scott - Blockchain Forum
Amber Scott
Chief Compliance Ninja at Outlier Solutions
Manie Eager - Blockchain Forum
Manie Eager
CEO at Digital Futures
Joseph Weinberg - Blockchain Forum
Joseph Weinberg
CEO at PayCase
Philippe Chevry - Blockchain Forum
Philippe Chevry
CEO at Nash
Ageesen Sri - Blockchain Forum
Ageesen Sri
CEO at uCash
Loretta Joseph, Blockchain Forum
Loretta Joseph
Advisor, Sydney Stock Exchange
Sunny Ray - Blockchain Forum
Sunny Ray
President of Unocoin
James Gonzalez - Blockchain Forum
James Gonzalez
CEO at Crypto Consultant
Jane Thomason - Blockchain Forum
Dr. Jane Thomason
CEO at Abt Associates Australia
John Pellew - Blockchain Forum
John Pellew
Francis Pouliot - Blockchain Forum
Francis Pouliot
CEO at Satoshi Portal
Francis Pouliot - Blockchain Forum
Christina Lomazzo
Consultant, Technology Enthusiast & Blockchain Researcher
Ethan Buchman - Blockchain Forum
Ethan Buchman
CTO at Tendermint
Anne Connelly - Blockchain Forum
Anne Connelly
Blockchain Consultant at Ledger Labs
Iliana Oris Valiente - Blockchain Forum
Iliana Oris Valiente
Founder at ColliderX
Paul Allard - Blockchain Forum
Paul Allard
Co Founder at Impak Finance Inc
Samson Mow - Blockchain Forum
Samson Mow
CSO at Blockstream

Conference Schedule

Complete schedule list coming soon.

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Frequestly Asked Questions?

We are inviting speakers from the Blockchain industry, government, think tanks, academia, and technology associations to create engaging panel discussions, deliver impactful & educational keynotes, and showcase Blockchain technology in action with real-world use cases.

Conference Venue

The Blockchain Government Forum will be held at the Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards (ICBY) just 5 minutes from Parliament. ICBY is a government funded innovation center that supports technology innovation in Ottawa and is the home of Invest Ottawa. For more information visit www.thebayviewyards.com.


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